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Sunny King, the President of Kingtopstone who built Kingtopstone in 2003, has more than 15 years experience in stone manufacturing. Sunny loves stone very much, in his home, you can see many different stone decoration.
Jason King, the Director of Kingtopstone, has 8 years managerial experience. take charge of whole company development, aiming to lead the team forward,
Ping Wu, the Production Manager of Kingtopstone, has been in stone manufacturing for more than 20 years. In 2003 Sunny persuade him to join in Kingtopstone, Ping Wu require the quality strictly, never allow  not good quality handing to customers.
Steven Xia, the Manager of Exporting, is also a energetic and enthusiast sale. Work on stone for more than 8 years. With his help, our exporting business improves every year.
Crsyatal Li, the Manager of Importing, who is very beautiful and attractive, has been in the foreign trading more than 4 years, take charge of the blocks importing.